Farming Thoughts

My thoughts on starting a farm, research, ideas, and maybe a chronicle of the actual thing happening, we'll see...

Adventure local

Many days, especially recently, I imagined I would go on grand adventures again someday. I have quite a few under my belt already. A little bit of me misses the excitement of exploring new places and pushing myself in new environments. But to be honest I'm just as happy watching others do these things on Discovery, NatGeo, Outside+, and the like.

I am trying to think of a time when I lived somewhere, and I visited every local trail or hit every fishing hole(though I did try). And now, as I get older, it's even harder for me to get to the local stuff. This makes me think I should put some sort of limit on local, let's say, within a couple hours by car. I could argue that there is plenty of adventure right out my backdoor, or at least 10-20 minutes from it. And I live in New York City right now.

I have dear friends with a large chunk of land with all the fixins, streams, clearings, woods, and a small number of critters. I wonder if they feel the need to go adventure as much, they had been with me on a couple of mine. But, I'm betting their backyard is more than enough these days.

But this gets me back to my main train of thought. Is going and seeking the big adventure or the world renowned fishing spot worth the effort or the possible ecological cost of getting there, along with the gazillion other people trying to get there. Maybe our own local bubble of existence is enough. Do our home forests and trails need some love from us? I think so. I am also arguing that the majority of us haven't even come close to exploring the places, say 120 miles, from our own homes. A couple hours drive.

When I watch Bear Grylls walk the PCT with nothing but a buck knife and a rope, I will wish him the best and surely be entertained. But this guy is happy with sticking close to home, including focusing my conservation efforts close to home, where we can make the most impact, and making my own home and yard as wild and adventurous as possible. What do you think?

Wannabe Farmer

I've been thinking a lot about food, where it comes from, and starting a farm. Mind you, I'm not saying start a farm today, but in a few years, I think. There is so much I need to learn, not to mention just determining if it is something I truly could undertake. So far, the basis is simple: raising livestock to feed my family and selling off any excess. I do not want to overcomplicate things. I am not interested in growing vegetables, but maybe fruit and grasses for the livestock. Regarding animals, I'm mainly interested in sheep, goats, cattle, and some chickens for eggs.

I'll be doing a lot of reading and research over the next year, learning as much as possible. There will be no concrete plans until we have settled someday. As of today, we don't know where that place will be. We could be in a permanent location for as soon as eight months all the way to three years. I'm hoping for somewhere in the Midwest, but this has to be a family consensus, so we will see. <

Either way, I felt I needed to get this idea into the air to obligate myself to the research. I will speak of this more in the future, I'm sure; actually, I may dedicate this blog to the subject. Actually, I think I may. It, as always, will be cross-posted to my main blog, but people can come here to skip all the other stuff I babble about. So till next time.


I have been writing multiple blogs, jumping hosts, trying platforms and generally creating things and destroying them on a regular basis. Also, I have been a StandardNotes customer for almost five years. A part of the StandardNotes product is Listed, a blogging platform. Why in the hell am I not using it? So here I am, let the babbling begin!